Our Service

Our Service

Solving the Human Resources Shortage in Kochi and Shikoku and Boosting the Region with the Power of Foreign Workers!

We help Japanese companies hire Indonesian workers to solve their labor shortage. We also provide consultation services for foreign technical interns, foreign workers with specified skills, and highly skilled foreign professionals. You will be assisted with our Indonesian partners. The workers in our company consist of those within the age of 30s, so we can move very swiftly to take action and are able to make the best proposals to our clients. We will do our best to give additional information to our clients, from advice on subsidies and management by a former Chamber of Commerce employee, to advice regarding official documents by an administrative scrivener.

Specialization in Indonesian Human Resources

Kochi International Business Co., Ltd. specializes in Indonesian human resources, where human resources are abundant. We have a large number of candidates who wish to work in fields that are in shortage of human resources, such as nursing care, fishery, agriculture, construction, etc. Indonesia is the second largest country in the world in terms of the number of people learning Japanese. We can introduce you to various employment opportunities after a certain level of Japanese has been acquired.

Visa Acquisition Support/Post-placement Support

Our partner of administrative scriveners can support you in obtaining an engineer or humanities visa. We are also a registered support organization for specified skills visas, and we can work with companies to apply for these visas and provide post-placement support for job seekers. In addition, after receiving a job offer and before entering Japan, each candidate will study Japanese in advance at our partner company in Indonesia.

Available in Kochi and Shikoku

Kochi International Business Co., Ltd. is located in Kochi Prefecture and is providing community-based support to companies in Kochi and throughout Shikoku. Unforeseen problems are inevitable to occur when hiring a foreigner. We, Kochi International Business Co., Ltd. will always be there to support you as a consultant.